AGREEMENT SUCCESSFUL: Fiorentina agreed to sell Vlahović for 80.000.000 euros!

By refusing to sign a new contract with Fiorentina, Dušan Vlahović automatically gave a headache to the club’s leaders who were forced to think about selling him.

Fiorentina still has the space and maneuver to make good money on the sale of the Serbian striker, who will still enter the last year of his contract next summer, which will automatically bring down his price.

That is why they do not want to leave anything to chance in Florence, and they would like to sell Vlahović at full price this winter, instead of accepting a reduced offer in the summer.

On the occasion of the topic of Vlahović, the directors of Fiorentina, Daniela Prada and Joe Barone recently visited London and reached an agreement with the stumbled giant of English football – Arsenal!

According to the well-informed Gianluca di Marcio, the two clubs agreed that the transfer of Vlahovic would be worth exactly 80,000,000 euros!

Fiorentina has always insisted on that figure, thus rejecting the interested Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Juventus.

It is true that Arsenal will not pay the entire amount immediately, but one part will be fixed, and with bonuses, the transfer could reach the entire 80,000,000 euros.

This would make our footballer the most expensive paid reinforcement of Arsenal in history, which is currently Nicolas Pepe with a price of also 80,000,000 euros.

However, Vlahović’s agents are not in favor of the young striker changing the environment for the winter, but would rather wait for the summer when there will be far more offers, and the price will be lower, so more clubs will join the race for the Serb.

In addition, according to our information, Vlahović rejected Atletico Madrid this summer because he has only one wish, and that is a transfer to Juventus!

However, Fiorentina opposes this due to the rivalry between the two clubs and the fact that the “old lady” has recently taken almost everything worthwhile from the “purple” (Chiesa, Bernardeski…).

Let’s not forget, Tottenham is also in the race for Vlahović, whose coach Antonio Conte insists with the club’s management to bring him a talented striker.

We will see in the end where Vlahović will go, although it seems that Juventus is the favorite in this exciting race.

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