WHOLE JUVENTUS IS ADMIRED: Vlahovic has a lot of football in his legs! 

He has not scored a goal or made his debut yet, but Dusan Vlahovic has already won the world of Juventus. The main verdicts will be heard at the end of the season, but in the meantime, a week was enough for the 22-year-old Serbian striker for everyone on Contains to understand that his value exceeds the 75 million.

Waiting for his debut against Verona and the first goals, Vlahovic has already made it known that the right man is in the right place.

The former Fiorentina striker confirmed in a week that he has a lot of football in his legs and, as reported by “Tutto Sport”, the executives, teammates, and staff of Juventus are seriously impressed.

First of all, not to act like a star of 70 million. Dusan entered the locker room on his toes and sat down in the place assigned to him, next to Federico Bernardeschi. The new Juventus center forward is curious, but always very kind to the companions and staff of the sports center. “He looks like De Licht, a 22-year-old with the head of a 30-year-old,” they say. . When he’s not on the field, he’s at the gym. Vice versa.

Vlahovic‘s good manners, however, end when he enters the field. Because in training, DV7 transforms.

Dusan Vlahovic will play for the first time in front of Juventus fans in a black and white jersey on Sunday when the Veorone team is silent at the Allianz Stadium.

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