BIG CHANGES IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Instead of the semifinals, will the final four and ''Super Bowl Week'' be played?

As the British newspaper “Times” reports today, great changes in the Champions League will be announced soon.

A British daily from sources close to UEFA leaders claims that URFA President Alexander Ceferin and PSG leader Nasser Al-Kelaifi are behind the new change proposal. He is also the president of the Association of European Clubs (ECA).

What has been announced is that the changes will take effect from the 2024/2025 season. Instead of 32, 36 teams will play, the competition by groups will be canceled and they will play in one group, according to the league system.

Thus, each club would have at least ten games against the same number of opponents, five at home and on our side. At the end of the championship, the eight best would go to the round of 16, while the clubs from 9th to 24th place would play the playoffs for the round of 16.

The remaining 12 dropped out of the competition. This has been announced before, and what is new is that a change in the end of the competition is being prepared.

The “Times” reports that instead of the elimination phase in the semifinals, the Final Four will be played with one match each that would give the finalists.

The final four would be played in one city, all three games, two semifinals and the final would be played there.

– I think that would be good. Look at the Super Bowl, Americans have a great time at such an event – Ceferin said in September last year.

It is believed that this decision will be made at the UEFA Congress, which will be held on May 11 in Vienna.

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