In the first two rounds, we saw Novak Djokovic’s routine, while in today’s match with Danilo Medvedev, he struggled and celebrated only after three hours of tremendous struggle.

You could see immediately after the match how much this victory meant to Djokovic, as he himself confirmed.

  • I feel a great relief. Danil and I had big battles before, I knew this was his last match of the season. He didn’t want his season to end in defeat. I started well, I had early chances and breakpoints, but he played well in important moments. I think there was one breakpoint on a long rally in the second set, everything else was good serves – our tennis player started.

Djokovic had problems in the third set, which he himself notes.

  • I didn’t feel good physically in the third set, I struggled a lot. It’s still a battle, it was important to stay in the game. I am very proud that I managed to find the necessary energy and focus to get back into the match. I was losing 4:5, he served for the win, simply, I managed to read his serves, stabilize the game and win the tiebreak. The first six points were great and decisive. Three tough matches for him, he lost 7:6 in the third each time, but I respect him a lot.

Despite the fact that Djokovic was not feeling well, he pointed out that he did not want to give up the match against the Russians.

  • I didn’t mean to “refuel”. I don’t know what the rules are, if by any chance I decided to quit, I don’t know if I could play. This match was very important for me, I simply wanted to win, regardless of the fact that I have already qualified for the semi-finals – Djokovic concluded.

Now Novak is expecting a semi-final against Taylor Fritz…

Now Novak is expecting a semi-final against Taylor Fritz…


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