UFC 303: Conor McGregor informed he cannot defeat Michael Chandler

On June 29 in Las Vegas, McGregor will enter the octagon after a nearly three-year hiatus to take on Chandler at UFC 303. The previous double champion suffered a leg injury in his last fight against Dustin Poirier and has not won a match since his 40-second knockout against Donald Cerrone four years ago.

Chandler has patiently been awaiting his chance to face McGregor ever since being defeated by Poirier 18 months ago. UFC icon Chael Sonnen has expressed his support for the American fighter, believing that his discipline will give him an advantage over McGregor. In an interview with Bloody Elbow, Sonnen confidently stated, “I believe Michael Chandler will emerge as the victor.”

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The sport has two extreme ends in terms of discipline – the most disciplined and the most undisciplined. When discussing this topic, it is common for people to take the easy route and say that Conor has a chance due to his punching abilities, and that Chandler should be careful when standing up against him.

The concept of a “puncher’s chance” is often used as a playful phrase, but there is no truth to it. In reality, the better fighter will always come out on top. Even if Michael Chandler decides to box with his opponent, he cannot improve without actually practicing it.

In his fight against Chandler, McGregor is aiming for his 20th career victory by knockout. However, Chandler believes that he is a more powerful puncher than the former two-division world champion. According to Chandler, he is the superior fighter and the more deserving one. He does not want to engage in a battle with someone who has a more powerful weapon than him. In fact, he claims to have harder hits than his opponent. This was revealed in his interview with Shawn Ryan.

The renowned Irish fighter, Conor McGregor, is currently less than six weeks away from his upcoming fight and has caused a stir by sharing a video on social media where he is seen embracing a tree. According to a recent news article, McGregor took a stroll through the park on his way to the gym and decided to connect with nature by hugging a tree. In the video, he can be heard saying, “I’ve been embracing the trees lately, it’s quite a pleasant feeling.”

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