Eggs to blame for Conor Benn’s failed drug test: WBC clears him of intentional ingestion

Conor Benn, the British welterweight fighter, has been reinstated to the World Boxing Council’s rankings after an investigation by the organization cleared him of intentionally taking the banned substance Clomiphene. Benn had been pulled from his highly-anticipated showdown with Chris Eubank Jr after failing a drug test conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) in the lead-up to the fight.

The British Boxing Board of Control ruled that the fight could not take place, and Benn has since been trying to clear his name. While he has not applied for a license to fight under the BBBofC, Benn’s place in the WBC rankings has been restored.

In a statement, the WBC said that Benn’s documented and highly-elevated consumption of eggs during the relevant period raised a reasonable explanation for the adverse finding in his drug test. The organization also ruled that there was no conclusive evidence that Benn had intentionally or knowingly taken Clomiphene.

Benn had initially claimed that his failed drug test was the result of consuming eggs, and the WBC’s ruling appears to support this claim. However, he is still not permitted to fight in a British ring under the jurisdiction of the BBBofC until their investigation, along with VADA’s, is complete.

This development is good news for Benn, who has been looking to clear his name and resume his career. Fans will be eagerly anticipating his return to the ring, and his reinstatement in the WBC rankings will only increase his profile and standing in the sport.


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