IBA agrees to set up Professional Boxing Committee

A minimum of seven members are sought, including at least one active or former boxer or trainer with experience in both amateur and professional boxing. The aim is to improve Champions’ Nights, monitor rules and study projects with continental promoters.

The International Boxing Association (IBA) Board of Directors has unanimously approved the formation of the first IBA Professional Boxing Committee. The call for candidates is already underway. The organisation is looking for the most suitable members for this newly created group.

This committee will consist of at least one active or former boxer and trainer who has participated in both amateur and professional boxing, and at least one technical delegate or official with experience in both amateur and professional boxing, as approved by the IBA Board of Directors.

The IBA is also looking for at least one active or former promoter with a promoter’s licence or a matchmaker to join the committee. This will cover the various areas necessary for the organisation of boxing events. In total there will be a minimum of seven members on the IBA Professional Boxing Committee.

The role of the Professional Boxing Committee will be to support the current IBA Champions’ Night programme, to provide expertise in the field of professional boxing, particularly in the area of matchmaking, and to monitor and develop technical and competition rules to facilitate the situation of boxers.

The committee will also be responsible for overseeing new projects such as the IBA’s continental promoter liaison. The aim of the new body, approved by the Board of Directors, is to improve the quality of events and enrich them with the experience of the professionals who will make up this committee.

On another note, a new Champions’ Night will be held in Tashkent on Sunday 14th April. Uzbek boxers Dusmatov and Jalolov will take part in the event. The card will be headlined by the main event between Hasanboy Dusmatov and Samuel Carmona. 

Dusmatov, a World and Olympic champion from Uzbekistan, is unbeaten in his professional career with six wins and has appeared on the IBA Champions’ Night before, defeating Spain’s Martin Molina Salvador in Phuket last year. His 10-round opponent will be 27-year-old Carmona, also from Spain, who has a professional record of 10 wins and one defeat.

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