Team Horsepower win The Ormsby Johnson Cup

Team Horsepower won this year’s edition of the Ormsby Johnson Cup organized by the Malta Polo Club.

Three teams namely Team Horsepower, Team Camilleri and Team Family took part in this competition which was held at the Malta Equidrome in Marsa .

These three teams were made up of experienced players who played with others who have recently started to practise this sport .

Team Horsepower was formed by Matthew Borg, Petra Vella, Emma Aquilina and Matthew Grech while Team Family had Greg Gera, Jeremy Besanscon, Kim Besancon and Bex Gera. Finally Team Camilleri was composed of Ivan Camilleri/Chris Delia, Julian Mamo, Francesca Camilleri and Ella Parker.

The Umpires for these Chukkas were Chris Wightman and Mark Darmanin who had very good control of the chukkas.

Meanwhile in the six chukkas played, Team Horsepower and Team Camilleri ended in a 1-1 draw with Team Horsepower seeing Team Family by a point and a half to one. Finally Team Family beat Team Camilleri by two and a half points to none.

At the same time, Emma Aquilina won the honour of the most valuable player of the tournament with Jeremy Besancon’s horse Maya who took the honour of the best pony.

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