MARTI IN THE F1 TEAM: Three giants already want him

At only 18 years old, Pepe Marti is one of the biggest talents waiting for his chance in the world of motoring.

The young Catalan is currently shining in Formula 3, and even three big teams competing in Formula 1 want this young man in their academies. The first of them is the championship team Red Bull. The head of the youth academy of that team did not hide that he wanted him in his team.

When asked by a journalist about Marti, he said: “I’ve been following him for a long time, not just today. I’ve been watching him since he jumped into a Formula 3 car. His progress is significant.” Asked if he has any plans to hire a Spaniard in his team, he answered briefly and clearly with a yes.

Apart from Red Bull, two other teams are interested in Marti. One of them is Mercedes, which even after the race for the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona was considering in detail the possibility of adding Marti to their team.

Alpine is another team that wants Fernando Alonso’s apprentice. It is speculated that this team actively started monitoring the progress of the then still minor Catalan runner last season.

This means that Pepe Marti will be able to choose one of these teams by the end of this season, although it is not excluded that some others will join the race and offer him a place in their academy.

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