Portugal national team coach Fernando Santos is the target of criticism after being eliminated by Morocco at the World Cup in Qatar, and after his return he will have a meeting with the president of the Portuguese Football Association.

Portugal ended its participation after losing in the quarter-finals against Morocco with a score of 1:0, and after this championship, the further status of coach Santosh on the bench of the national team will be known.

“Tomorrow I return to Lisbon. After that, I’ll talk to President Fernando Gomes; that’s how we’ve always done it. “We will see what is best for this Portugal team,” the coach told Sport TV.

Despite the elimination in the quarterfinals, he rated the tournament as successful for his team.

“I would say that this was a successful tournament, although it would have been a success for us if we had gone to the final and won it.” The team showed its capabilities in other matches. We were a little bit lucky. “You have matches where you may not be able to show everything you can, but then you also need a bit of luck,” added Santosh.

Fernando Santos has a contract with Portugal until 2024.


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