Lothar Matthäus roams Bayern because of Lewandowski: That's not how a legend is treated!

German football legend Lothar Matthäus said that Bayern Munich‘s behavior towards striker Robert Lewandowski is unacceptable.

When the Pole announced his departure, the club told him not to worry because he still had a contract with them.

It all infuriated Lothar, so he had to react.

What happened to Lewandowski has never been seen in the club’s attitude towards one of the best players in history.” They were supposed to talk to him a few months ago, giving a clear and unequivocal signal that they wanted to keep him. “Barcelona didn’t even think about him then,” said Matthäus, adding:

Then Bayern negotiated with Haaland, fighting for him for months, and when he rejected them, only then did they continue contact with Lewandowski. It was too late. How many world-class players have Bayern had in the last 30 years next to him? None! And that’s how you treat him? “

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