GUARDIOLA: Imagine scoring a goal every time

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, was not happy after his team’s defeat.

Arsenal won after the penalty with 4:1, since after 90 minutes and 11 minutes of overtime it was tied – 1:1.

“We will have to get used to this. We were leading 1:0. I had the feeling that not much happened in those eight minutes of stoppage time. Still, it’s a good question for the international panel and all the people involved, because they don’t consult managers or players. We have to accept that. Now the matches will last 100 minutes, that’s for sure. They extend them because of goals. Imagine every time you score a goal. Imagine the score 4:3 and they add 45 seconds for each goal scored. Tomorrow at nine in the morning we will play again! Please don’t ask me for my opinion on that,” Guardiola said.

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