CROUCH TOLD KANE: The grass is not always greener on the other side

Former Tottenham striker Peter Crouch advised the legend of this club, Harry Kane, to think twice before leaving the Roosters.

Kane has already been on the exit door of the London club for two transfer windows, and now it seems that the England international is close to a transfer to Bayern Munich.

In an interview for “TNT Sport”, the former football player of this club, Peter Crouch, advises the best English striker not to leave London.

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side,” Crouch told Harry Kane.

The closest Kane came to winning the trophy was two seasons ago when he was defeated by Liverpool in the Champions League final with Tottenham.

It’s hard when it comes to Harry.” As someone who has been involved with Tottenham for so long, I know it’s a great club. But, unfortunately, the team is not built around him, the way it should be. A player of his caliber deserves to win trophies,” said Crouch and added:

“I think he will have the blessing of the fans if he does decide to leave.” They will understand. But, I will repeat – change is not always a better solution. It is no small thing to have the opportunity to be the top scorer in the Premier League. If he stays and breaks Shearer’s record, it will be something he will be remembered for.”

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