BORUSSIA DORTMUND IN PROBLEM: Erling Haaland returns to the field at the beginning of 2022!

Norwegian national team player Erling Halland will not return on the field before the end of the year – his father Alf-Inge revealed. Borussia will be in trouble for another two months without this great striker.

The Dortmund striker got injured in the match with Ajax, on October 19, where it was established that he had a hip injury, and because of that, he was not in the next four matches. Fans are worried because a longer break of the “millionaire” goal scorer has been announced. Hollande has scored 13 goals in ten matches in all competitions this season.

Erling is recovering relatively well considering the situation, but he will be off the field for some time. It would be great if he will be able to play a couple of matches before Christmas, but that is unlikely – his father told the Norwegian media.

Borussia will be weakened, on December 4, when they compete with Bayern in the derby of the German championship.

The Dortmund players managed to cope without Haaland, so they achieved three tied victories in the Bundesliga, against Arminia, Ingolstadt and Cologne, but suffered another defeat from Ajax, this time at their stadium with 3: 1 in yesterday’s duel, the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.

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