CRY FROM THE QATARIAN DESERT: Xavi told Al Sadd only one thing!

As in the popular series “Squid game” where the competitors pull the rope in the fight for life, so Barcelona and Al Sadd have been pulling each to their side for days. With the fact that the stake is not life, but the place of coach Xavi Hernandez.

It seems that the whole job is done, but the Cathars are further confusing the world public with their statements “as it is not the time for Xavi to leave in such a delicate part of the season”.

It is true that Al Sadd is only tightening in order to force Barcelona to pay full compensation of 10,000,000 euros, although it is clear to them that the Catalans do not have that money.

As it usually happens, no one wants to keep a dissatisfied man in the club, so it is only a matter of time before Xavi will officially become the new coach of the Barcelona football players.

And time is running out. Barcelona will have a match with Celta this weekend, followed by a national team break. Xavi is also aware that he is urgently needed by the former club, and that is why he appeals to the leaders of Al Sadd to release him back to his homeland for once

– I want to go home. The clubs are in negotiations and their job is to solve that. I am very excited, but I cannot say anything because I still have a contract with Al Sadd. I hope that the negotiations will be successful. I am very happy about that – said the legendary midfielder.

According to the latest information, the two sides are on the verge of an agreement and the entire deal could be officially completed on Friday.

Although, it was announced much earlier that Xavi would be promoted in Barcelona. So let’s wait for the Arabs. They may not be in the “Squid game”, but they are devilishly stubborn “

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