Allegri is considering leaving Juventus at the end of the season, and it is also known who would be the new coach for Vlahovic and Kostic

Juventus are doing well this season in Serie A. Massimiliano Allegri’s Chet is second in the table, two points behind leaders Inter. If she had been more skillful and kept her advantage against nero-azur, she could have been in the lead.

It seems that flowers are blooming in Turin, but according to Corriere dello Sport, the situation in Continassa is far from idyllic.

The editor of the famous Italian newspaper Ivan Zazzaroni published the information that Allegri is seriously considering leaving Juventus at the end of the season!

The Italian expert still hasn’t made a final decision, but he is closer to leaving the club than staying and completing his contract (active until the end of June 2025).

As Zazzaroni writes, the Juventus coach would prefer to try out in Saudi Arabia or take a year off and devote himself to his family at the expense of football.

What bothers Allegri the most is Andrea Agnelli’s departure from the club. It was he who brought Max in 2021, who believes that nothing has been the same since his departure.

“Allegri’s main concern is the environment at Juventus, which is not what it used to be. The man who the fans hoped could return the club to its former glory is struggling to find a role in a completely different system compared to the one he knew when he arrived,” said Giorgio Marotta, another Corriere journalist handling information on the status. 56-year-old from Livorno.

Furthermore, Allegri did not like Antonio Conte’s visit to Vinovo, the training center of Juventus’ junior categories at all. Max believes that this is how the ground is being prepared for the former coach of Inter, Tottenham and Chelsea to return to the club.

And even the Italian media do not have too much of a dilemma that Conte could sit on the Juventus bench and become the coach of our Dušan Vlahović and Filip Kostić.

Apparently, Conte himself would not mind returning to the Juventus bench, although even Napoli sees him as a coach at the end of the season when Walter Macari’s contract expires.

So, Allegri has three options. To complete the contract. It is tested in Saudi Arabia. Or take a year off and wait for a call from one of the greats of European football.

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