O’ Sullivan: I felt sorry for the TV crew so I won the title!

Seven-time world champion in snooker, Ronnie O’ Sullivan, pointed out that he had no personal motive for winning the title this year.

O’Sullivan won the final against Jade Trump on May 2, 18:13, thus equaling Stephen Hendry’s record with seven world champion titles.

I decided a long time ago that if I’m under too much pressure for something or if I’m not enjoying something, maybe it’s better to lose and let someone else take that place. And I felt that during this year’s World Cup. I didn’t really enjoy it. But I was followed by the TV crew and I thought it was better to do my best for them, because they were following me, “O’ Sullivan told Eurosport.

“And that’s why I won the title.” Not because I wanted to win it. “I was just sorry for the television crew,” said the 46-year-old.

The Briton was sounded all 17 days of the tournament, and the television crew was allowed access behind the scenes to accompany the complete performance at the World Cup.

The new season should start on July 4 in Leicester in the Champions League.

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