Liam Harrison in Malta to address seminar

On Saturday 6th July, 125 kickboxing students had the opportunity of being trained by the 8-times champion Liam Harrison ‘The Hitman’. The seminar was organised by Master Noel Mercieca from Team Noel club and held at the Hilton Hotel in Malta, St Julian’s.

As of January 2024, Harrison has been ranked number 5 in the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai rankings. Moreover, he has now gathered 115 Muay Thai fights and eight world championship titles. His life revolves around Muay Thai which is shown through his numerous fights around the world and frequent training camps in Thailand.

As a renowned fighter and champion, Liam shared his expertise, techniques, and strategies that have made him a force to be reckoned with in the fighting world. During this masterclass seminar, students had the opportunity to witness Liam’s impressive skills up close and personal. He demonstrated various fighting techniques and answered all questions asked.

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After the seminar, students had the chance to meet and talk with Liam personally and take commemorative photos.

Master Noel Mercieca called the seminar “another great event” and “a personal success.” These kinds of seminars, which feature elite fighters and trainers of a certain calibre, aid local kickboxing and Muay Thai students in developing more their skills, which in turn helps the local athletes achieve a higher level of success, both at a national and international level.

Master Noel Mercieca thanked Liam Harrison for accepting the invitation, and he expressed gratitude to all the local combat sports clubs and students who were part of this exceptional event.

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