Maltese Rhythmic Gymnasts participate at the Miss Valentine 30th Anniversary Tartu Grand Prix

Three talented Maltese rhythmic gymnasts, Therese Amelie Vassallo, Lauren Agius, and Chezonelle Georgette Azzopardi, showcased their skills and dedication at the prestigious Miss Valentine 30th Anniversary Tartu Grand Prix held in Tartu, Estonia, from February 28th to March 3rd, 2024. Organised in the European City of Culture 2024, this event attracted over 400 top gymnasts from 45 countries.

Competing under the aegis of the Malta Gymnastics Federation, these gymnasts demonstrated exceptional talent and sportsmanship across various categories.

Chezonelle Georgette Azzopardi, competing in category 2012A, exhibited grace and agility with the hoop and ball, earning an overall total of 30.350 and securing the 25th position amidst very fierce competition.

Similarly, Lauren Agius showcased her prowess in category 2010A, displaying remarkable skill and precision with the hoop, ball, and clubs. With an overall score of 50.200, Agius secured the 28th position, showcasing her talent among top gymnasts from around the world.

Therese Amelie Vassallo competed in category 2009A, delivering captivating performances with the hoop, ball, and clubs, accumulating an overall total of 51.217, securing the 22nd position against a formidable lineup of national gymnasts from Estonia, Finland, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, S. Korea, Wales, Sweden and Thailand. 

These remarkable achievements stand as a testament to the dedication and hard work of these young gymnasts, who train under the expert guidance of RG coaches from local club Ritmica Malta, led by club director, Ms. Elena Vella. Ms. Vella’s mentorship and support have played a pivotal role in nurturing the talents of Vassallo, Agius, and Azzopardi, enabling them to excel on the international stage.

The Miss Valentine 30th Anniversary Tartu Grand Prix remains a top event in the rhythmic gymnastics calendar, providing a platform for gymnasts to showcase their skills and compete among the best in the world. 

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