VAR arrives in Formula 1 from next season!

In Formula 1 of the upcoming championship, the VAR system will be monitored during each race.

The new president of Formula 1, Mohammed bin Sulayem, fulfilled the promise he made before coming to this position.

Sulayem approached how the VAR system will work in Formula 1 in practice, more or less, the model is almost copied as in football.

The FIA will install a surveillance system in the racetrack premises, where it will be set up depending on the configuration of the track where the race will be driven at that moment, so professional staff will monitor the race from there.

“Direct radio communication during the race, which is broadcast live on all televisions, will be eliminated in order to protect the race director in the VAR room from any pressure and to be able to make decisions peacefully. It will still be possible to ask questions to the director of the race, according to a well-defined process, “Sulayem said.

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