Executive Security Championship Finals scheduled for Friday

The 5th edition of the Executive Security Championship Final for Silver Category horses will be raced on Friday 5th April. Director Stephen Ciangura, being a horse owner himself, definitely knows the sacrifices owners and drivers have to make in order to prepare their horses and appreciates the fact that such competitions are definitely the highlights of a racing season.

This year the number of horses which participated in the elimination heats was considerably higher than last year and in fact 9 heats were raced during the weekend of 9th/10th March with a total of 101 horses. Last year it had only been 7 heats and 74 horses. The three semi finals contested by 33 horses which determined the 12 finalists were held on Sunday 24th March and a high level final is expected from what we have seen so far.

All the finalists will be receiving a personalised number to be used during the final and then kept as a souvenir of their participation. A total of €1775 in prize money will be distributed as well as trophies for the first four finishers. The winning horse will also receive a commemorative horse blanket.

The final draws were assisted by the horse owners and were done in the presence of Executive Security Services’ Administrative Manager Iler Ciangura, Malta Equidrome’s CEO Matthew Brincat and Malta Racing Club’s vice Chairman Anthony Demanuele.

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