BOMB SHAKING THE ISLAND: Newcastle sends official offer for Ter Stegen!

With the arrival of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia at the head of Newcastle, it became clear that the transfer market will be completely shaken in the upcoming transition period. We received the overture for something like that tonight with the official offer for Mark Andrea Ter Stegen!

Namely, as the reputable “Sky Sports” reports, Newcastle sent an official offer worth a staggering 55,000,000 euros to the address of Barcelona!

It is obvious that the Saudis know that the house is being built from the ground up, that is, that without a quality goalkeeper, it will be difficult for them to fulfill all the set goals, the first of which is survival in the Premier League.

And there is no doubt that Ter Stegen belongs to that sophisticated goalkeeper class. And it is no coincidence that Newcastle aimed at him.

The “magpies” are aware that the Catalans have big financial problems and that almost all the players of the team are for sale for the right price.

That is why they decided to test the Spanish giant with such an offer, which in the future could even increase in the event of a deduction.

A bigger problem than Barcelona will be convincing ter Stegen himself to move to the Island. Because, in whatever condition Barcelona is, it is currently in a much better position than Newcastle, which is fighting for survival in the Premier League.

Besides, replacing Barcelona with cold and gloomy Newcastle is not a logical step, so the Saudis are ready to offer Ter Stegen a monstrous contract of far greater value than the current 7,000,000 euros that the German collects annually in Spain.

In addition to ter Stegen, Newcastle is in the mood to do business with Barcelona around Philippe Coutinho, when he would first bring him on loan.

The impression is that the Brazilian is currently a far more realistic target compared to the German goalkeeper…

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