MILAN IS ON FIRE: Milan and spectacular Leao took the championship title!

Milano will celebrate tonight! The red-and-black army is burning, which first made a fantastic farewell to the football players. Then the welcome in Reggio Emilia, and then the incredible atmosphere at the Sassuolo Stadium!

Stefan Pioli’s team thanked them for all that with the victory over the host of 3: 0 and the won championship title! The first since the 2010/2011 season…

What can we say? Truly an amazing season for Milan, which was predicted to be a convulsive fight for the Champions League, and they managed to surpass everything and win the Champions Cup! A total of 19 in the history of the famous club.

Literally, everyone deserves credit for this. From the American owners who established the system and the directorial tandem of Paolo Maldini – Frederic Massara, who tailored this team without big stars and famous names, but a team.

Of course, and Stefan Pioli, who put all the dice together very well, even though his job was hanging a little over a year ago, when almost everything was agreed with Ralph Rangnick.

Finally, let’s mention players like goalkeeper Mike Maignan, who proved to be better than Donnarumma, through Theo Hernández, who is certainly among the three best left-backs in the world, all the way to fantastic midfielders Sandro Tonali and Franck Kessie, who said goodbye to Milan and will play next season in Barcelona.

We intentionally left Rafael Leao for the end, who was still the most deserving for the victory of Milan with as many as three assists ?! The rebirth of the Portuguese who SHINED this season is amazing!

In the end, Olivier Giroud practically secured the title with two goals today, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also contributed in probably the last match of his career.

As far as the match itself is concerned, Milan wen all in on Sassuolo’s goal from the first second, which is evidenced by the fact that he already had 11 shots in the opponent’s goal in the first half ?!

Hence, it is a real miracle that only three balls ended up in Sassuolo’s net… The defenders of Sassuolo Lea could not do anything. The Frenchman was lucky that the ball passed through the legs of Ferrari and goalkeeper Consigli.

After half an hour of the game, the Leao-Girou tandem was deadly for Sassuolo again, so that Leao could fantastically and above all intelligently find Kessie in the penalty area in the 36th minute for a fantastic 3-0 at halftime!

It was clear that the title would go to the windows of Milan, who only did their job in the second part of the game, followed by a big celebration!

On the other hand, Inter did the job with a 3-0 victory over Sampdoria, but in vain when the city rival did not fail and gave them the title…

That is why the goals of Ivan Perisic (it is speculated that he will be at Chelsea next season) and Joaquín Correa (two) will remain inscribed only in history.

This afternoon without any other awards…

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