IT'S NOT THEIR SEASON: Juventus failed again in Serie A!

The Juventus players played another debatable game in the Italian Serie A.

Juventus was defeated by Sassuolo 2: 1 at home.

The Turin giant attacked from the very beginning of the match, but Sassuolo was the first to take the lead.

Davide Frattesi went one-on-one with the Juventus goalkeeper, so it was not difficult for him to shake the home team’s net.

“The Old Lady” did not want to give up, which paid off only in the 76th minute, when McKinney used the assistance of Pablo Dibala to bring his team an equalizer.

However, in the referee’s compensation, a shock came for Juventus.

In the fifth minute of the added time, Maxim Lopez managed to beat Perin and thus bring the win to his team.

Juventus thus continued to struggle in the Italian championship, after ten games it is in the seventh position with only 15 points won.

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