Nikolas Pereira, a former tennis player from Venezuela, commented on the biggest rivalry between Djokovic, Nadal and Federer.

“Djokovic will always be the villain in that movie because there are two superheroes like Federer and Nadal and there is simply no room for a third, especially since he came from behind to overtake them in the number of world titles won. As for the Grand Slams and all other tournaments,” says Pereira.

He highlighted the fifth set in this year’s Wimbledon final.

“The audience in London is as rigid as it is puritanical. Honestly, a racket broken against a post at the net does not coexist with the idea of tennis on that court, but Djokovic is what he is. He is a warrior, a great fighter. If he had to take on the role of the villain, he would have earned even more. But he wants to be loved. Many people are on his side, he certainly has many supporters and fans. I think in time they will give him the recognition he deserves. He is like Ivan Lendl, if he can be compared to another legend who dominated in his era. You have to enjoy the good, the bad and the ugly. He still does his best,” added Pereira.

He pointed out what, in his opinion, is the most important factor for GOATA.

“Not everything has been said yet. I see even worse up to five big chances for Djokovic to win the most Grand Slams. We have to see how Rafa will return. I look at it on an individual basis and the numbers don’t lie when it comes to Novak. In my opinion, Federer represents the massification of tennis, what everyone idealizes in a tennis player; professionalism and respect for the opponent as well as the game are special with Nadal, and what Djokovic did in the era with two giants, to overtake their records, is something that was not even thought of. In general, we are all privileged. I don’t see the need to choose one, the more people talk about tennis, the better”, Pereira believes.

Carlos Alcaraz is compared to a member of the big three, but according to him, that is not right.

“Here I agree with Djokovic, that Alcaraz combines many qualities of the Big Three. He has watched them since he was a child, imagine how good that influence is on a young player. And I don’t think he will be the only one, there will be more inspired by the legacy of these three. We have to mention Juan Carlos Ferrer, he did a great job. Many do not even know who the agent Albert Molina was who seven or eight years ago took over Alcaraz and started the project. What we are seeing is incredible, an impressive story”, concluded Nikolas Pereira.


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