Novak is one step away from being the main sponsor: Djokovic is no longer bringing anything positive to the table!

As it is already known, an important sponsor, Peugeot, left Novak Djokovic, who terminated his long-term cooperation with the Serbian tennis player, and now it is being commented that Nole could change the brand he wears.

Benjamin Weinman believes that Novak is on the way to staying and the anger of sponsorship with Lacoste.

For years, Lacoste has been owned by the Maus Freres group based in Geneva. Lacoste is in tennis, and was founded in 1933 by the former French tennis player, Lacoste. Roger Federer’s rival, Novak Djokovic, has been the ambassador of this cult brand since 2017, and now he has a contract until 2025 worth $9,000,000 a year. Benjamin began.

“The partnership with Djokovic has not brought anything good in recent times. Due to his refusal to be vaccinated and his immigration status in Australia, the former world number one received negative titles.For now, Maus Freres would probably like to rely on a new face in commercials.

“The company has already announced that the seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams will be the new ambassador. They stated that she is one of the most inspiring women in sports and has always fought for equality. “

“The Serb has lost his main sponsor, Peugeot, but we will see if it has anything to do with the crown, his views or the company’s financial problems.” We wonder if Venus is a replacement for Novak. “

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