It has been confirmed that Novak Djokovic was deliberately mistreated in Melbourne, now even those positive for covid can play!

No one remained immune after learning that a covid-positive person can play in Melbourne, but Novak Djokovic cannot.

The World Cricket Cup (ICC) started on Sunday in Australia and the final is scheduled for November 13 in Melbourne, what the organizers pointed out is that the players will not be tested for covid, which means that positive ones can also play.

After this knowledge, all fans of Novak immediately reacted violently.

” This is happening in Australia. Tennis Australia and Australia as a country will be ridiculous if they ban Novak from playing now at the Australian Open. I honestly don’t understand how Australians don’t see this. This only confirms that in 2022, he was deliberately mistreated,” Nole’s fan pointed out on Twitter.

Then another fan added:

” An unvaccinated player can play on AO. Covid positive can play at AO (they are allowed to play at ICC). The Czech tennis player, who was banned from entering together with Novak for three years, can play. But Novak Djokovic can’t play on AO!”

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