GOAT RACE IS NOT OVER: Federer is dangerous only at Wimbledon, Nadal at Roland Garros, and Djokovic? 

The race for the best tennis player in the world is still going on, and it is far from ending with Rafael Nadal winning the 21st Grand Slam title.

Former British tennis player Greg Rusedski analyzed the race for the best player of all time and pointed out that he still believes that Novak Djokovic will be the record holder and tennis player with the most Grand Slams ever.

– I have always said that Djokovic will finish with the most Grand Slams and I still think the same. He is the best. The only place where Federer is dangerous is Wimbledon, and we don’t know how much he will be physically ready. Nadal will probably win the 22nd Grand Slam at Roland Garros – Rusedski said recently.

He further stated his expectations from 2022.

– I think that Djokovic will accept the challenge and try to win Wimbledon and the US Open as much as he can. We could easily end 2022 with Nolet and Rafa, who has 22 Grand Slams. We will see what will happen, but I think that Djokovic will end up with the greatest titles – Rusedski added.

Who do you think will be the record holder in the end?

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