GASQUET ABOUT NOVAK: What happened in Australia was difficult for Djokovic!

Former Top 10 tennis player, Richard Gasquet, believes that it will not be easy for Novak Djokovic to forget everything that happened to him in Australia.

Gasquet believes that everything that happened before the first Grand Slam of the season will have great consequences for the career of the best tennis player in the world. Novak did not play a single match in 2022.

– What happened in Australia was very difficult for Djokovic. It will be very interesting to see how he will return to the competition in Dubai – Gasquet said.

The Frenchman is not very sure of the opinions of the majority, who believe that Novak will be strongly motivated to overcome all obstacles and “fight back” in a sporty way.

– One may think that all this will increase his motivation, but this is something different. He is used to fighting against the audience, which is usually against him, to fighting with a rival, sometimes against himself. Still, this must have been a lot harder for him. This represents a different pressure. However, he is one of the strongest players mentally, who knows, maybe that will really motivate him even more – Gasquet concluded.

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