Novak's career unstable without a vaccine?

Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal’s coach believes that Novak Djokovic’s career is in question if he does not decide to get vaccinated.

  • “I don’t think that Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam title forced Djokovic to be vaccinated. If Novak is not vaccinated, he is in serious danger of not playing any Grand Slam anymore and he would give up on continuing his career, for which he worked and fought so hard. I think that Djokovic is not against the vaccine, but he decided not to receive it. His career is in serious danger if he is not vaccinated. ” – Moya began and added:

Rafael’s main priority is Roland Garros.

  • “Rafael’s big goal for this year is Roland Garros and we have to do everything possible to get there in the best possible way. If he is healthy, he is one of the favorites, but there are still a few months and many events in between. “

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