NEW HISTORY, NEW RECORDS: Djokovic once again has in his hands the proof that he needs to be the GOAT!

Novak Djokovic won the Masters tournament in Cincinnati, after giving a lesson to the young Carlos Alcaraz after three marathon sets.

After this victory, the best Serbian tennis player made history again, by breaking the record at the Masters tournament in Cincinnati, which has been held since 1899, he became the oldest player to lift the trophy at this tournament.

The previous record was held by Australian Ken Rosewall, who won Cincinnati in 1970 by defeating Cliff Richey in three sets. At the time he lifted the trophy, he was 35 years, eight months and 19 days old.

While Djokovic is the new record holder at the age of 36, he enters the history of the “white sport” by this parameter as well.

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