Nadal overtook Federer, but Djokovic can't even dream of it!

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, after lifting the trophy in Paris, earned 2.2 million dollars and is ahead of Roger Federer for the first time when it comes to earnings on the eternal list of tennis players.
Nadal has earned 130,681,472 dollars from the tournament so far, while the Swiss remained at 130,594,339 dollars.

However, that is not enough to be better than Novak Djokovic, who has earned 156,541,353 dollars so far and it is almost impossible to overtake him.

In the TOP 10 players who have earned the most during their careers since the tournament are: Andy Murray, Pete Sampras, Stan Wawrinka, Alexander Zverev, David Ferrer, Andre Agassi and Marin Cilic.

  1. Novak Djokovic 156,541,353
  2. Rafael Nadal 130,681,472
  3. Roger Federer 130,594,339
  4. Andy Murray 62,733,749
  5. Pete Sampras 43,280,489
  6. Stan Wawrinka 34,953,913
  7. Alexander Zverev 32,407,055
  8. David Ferrer 31,152,975
  9. Andre Agassi 31,152,975
  10. Marin Cilic 30,468,623

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