Murray: My belief is that Wimbledon will still be a very strong tournament!

Andy Murray spoke out about the ATP’s decision to cancel the points for the third Grand Slam of the Wimbledon season.

“Wimbledon will never be an exhibition.” They deducted points, and they all showed up anyway. My belief is that Wimbledon will still be an extremely strong tournament. If the abolition of points does not prevent tennis players from playing, then I think that is not a smart move by the ATP. Many players are frustrated and did not want this to happen. “-Murray began.

Due to this decision, Novak Djokovic will suffer the most damage.

“I think they are trying to protect the players the best they can and that is the decision they made.” Some players are OK with her, and I believe most tennis players are bothered by her. I talked to some Russians in Madrid, and I sympathize with those people. I like these guys, and I’m friends with them. This is a difficult situation.” Andy concluded.

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