Medvedev is sure that the young generation will succeed the "big three" very well

Russian Daniil Medvedev did not start the competition very well at the final ATP fine, but he found time to comment on his great rivals Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal, as well as the retired Roger Federer.

“I have always thought that Rafa, Novak, and Roger are the best players in history. And people around me say, ‘Rafa is finished’, because of all those injuries. I’m sure you’ve heard it yourself, but Rafa has shown many times that they were wrong,” Medvedev began.

“When Novak arrived on the ATP Tour, everyone said, this boy is young, he won’t do anything compared to Roger and Rafa. And he showed them that they were wrong. That’s why I admire all of them and that’s why they are the greatest champions of this sport.”

Medvedev believes that the generation that will replace the “big three” will not do much for them.

“It is difficult to say where young people are now, especially when you are still talking about yourself. I would like to say for myself, look, I’m number one in the world, but it’s not like that. My coach laughs at all these stories, he says, ‘yes, okay, when McEnroe and Borg were playing, when they were at the end of their careers, everyone said, tennis is over, we won’t have any more great players’. Then we had Sampras, Agassi… Sampras retired, okay, tennis is over. Then came Novak, Roger, Rafa.”

“If you had asked anyone before that, they would have told you that tennis would not be interesting. It’s the same now. Tennis is a great sport, I don’t see why our generation should miss something. Of course, we may not reach 20 slams, because that’s no one before Novak, Roger and Rafa, so they were worse than them before. We will not be ashamed. I can only speak for myself. I will do my best to take as many titles as possible, to be here in the final as well.” – concluded Daniil Medvedev.

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