Even though there is no Novak Djokovic at the US Open, the Serb is still being talked about. Most recently, the legendary John McEnroe came up with an opinion.

The former American tennis player rewound the film on Djokovic’s complete season and had something to say…

-Let’s not forget that he was unvaccinated last year, so you have to explain to me why it was like that and he played last season and how now, when he is still unvaccinated, he can’t play?! Any way you look at it, it’s funny. And sad. That is it. Personally, I have been vaccinated and received a booster dose. If I were Novak, but I’m not That’s probably the reason he won 21 slams and I won seven. because of his faith in himself and that what he believes is good for him. However, a lot is being given up with that point of view. I respect that, but it’s an unfortunate thing. This year is a horror of horrors! Thank God he won Wimbledon—McEnroe sent words of support to Novak.

McEnroe reminded the whole world about the case that happened to Djokovic in Australia, and he was surprised that he could not get an exemption for the USA.

-Djokovic was deported from Australia this year. He recovered somewhat at Roland Garros and then won Wimbledon. And you say, okay, come to the US Open, maybe you can be number one in the world again? But they don’t even let him play. I can not believe it! Couldn’t he get an exemption? Again, he got it in Australia, so they kicked him out. Can you imagine what would have happened if such a debacle had happened here as well? “-concluded McEnroe’s presentation.

Everything the American said appears to make sense, but what are your thoughts? 

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