Kyrgios celebrated after 4 sets: It's difficult. That's probably why I have such high expectations and standards...

After a long match and four sets, Nick Kyrgios managed to advance to the third round of the US Open.

The Australian was better than Benjamen Bonzi, after he served brilliantly and had 30 aces, and almost twice as many winners.

” I didn’t expect him to be bad, but his level of play was really, really good. I’m really happy that I got through in four sets. I was down 0:40 in the fourth, I played really low percentage tennis to get out of that game. This was one of those matches in which you somehow survive,” – began Kyrgios.

It is not easy to play after the finals he played at Wimbledon, believes Nick.

“I am relatively satisfied with my form. Not that I played badly or anything. I probably didn’t come back as well as I would have liked. It’s so stressful now because every match I play I expect to play so well.

Such a clean performance is somehow not realistic in this kind of sport where you play day after day and travel. I don’t expect to play like a Wimbledon final every time. There are so many capable players who can play. I have to be kinder to myself and lower my expectations just a little bit.”

” Yes, I am definitely a perfectionist on the field. I feel like I can play four or five great points, then play one point and go crazy. It’s okay, I don’t know. It’s hard. That’s probably why I have such high expectations and standards,” says Kyrgios and adds:

” I feel like in this part of my career I just don’t want to let people down. I feel like I represent so many people. I know how much work I put into it with my team, there are many people who support me. I just feel like I had a press conference here maybe three or four years ago, I lost in the third round, I just felt terrible because I didn’t exceed expectations.” adds Kyrgios.

” So I’m sitting here, I feel like this is probably the most pressure I’ve ever had on myself. I know that I am now capable of reaching a Slam final and I really want to achieve that. I want to take my team with me. I want to do it together.”

Kyrgios also talked about the US Open courts

“The atmosphere at the US Open is very different compared to other tournaments. Wimbledon was so unique. Australian Open, you kind of expect that there, because you’re Australian. But it’s so noisy here. I can barely hear. Half the time I can’t even hear my team because it’s so noisy all the time. Arthur Ashe was incredibly noisy. I couldn’t hear anything. Constant shaking. People, sirens. Trains and people could be heard on Louis Armstrong today.”

“For someone who struggled to focus during his career, I really try to keep my head down and play one point at a time, trying to get out of certain situations. It is difficult because there are many distractions. Enough provocations. People say things. I have to be very careful with what I say these days,” Nick Kyrgios concluded.

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