Jelena Djokovic: "He told me 'I'm leaving tennis.' Literally."

After being deported from Melbourne, Novak Djokovic went through a very difficult period in his life. Jelena Djokovic spoke up and talked about it, she also recalled another period when he wanted to end his career.

  • “He told me ‘I’m leaving tennis.’ Literally. He told me that he lost in Miami, it was a heavy defeat, and then he got us all together and said ‘People, I’m done’. I was in the style of ‘What ?!’. And he went on, Talk to my sponsors, I want to be clean in front of them, I don’t know if I’m quitting tennis for six months, a year or forever, just tell them… If they want to stay in touch with us, okay, and if not, that’s fine too, I just want everyone to be okay with that. ” – Novak Djokovic’s wife began.

Jelena told everything.

  • “We cried, everyone. We told him, “What are you doing, this is not the time!” Then we went on vacation… You know, when he decides not to play tennis, then he doesn’t even want to see it, he doesn’t want to do anything that has to do with tennis. And I love tennis. And, I took the kids with us, I played tennis with them. And then he showed up on the third or fourth day…And, he saw me find that old tennis machine, so I will play against it, when I don’t have a coach anymore. Stefan was collecting balls, we were playing, it was a lot of fun, it wasn’t just classic training, which he was used to. It was no longer fun for him, it was too serious, too competitive, and he wanted to enjoy it, without pressure. ” – Jelena Djokovic was honest.
  • “Fortunately, Novak saw how much Stefan and I enjoy the field, how much we like it all anyway, without sneakers, without a T-shirt, only in shorts,” he said, “Can I please get a racket” (laughs). And I tell him ‘No, he can’t. You left tennis. This is our time now, leave the field. ‘ I was joking with him, of course. And then Stefan says, “Okay, Dad, you can do a little now.” – adds Jelena.
  • “And he takes the balls, serves once, twice and says ‘Um, I don’t feel bad.’ And then I ask him if he and I can play a little, so we played like that, so he with the kids, and on the last day of the holiday he took his sneakers, put on a training shirt and said ‘You know, I’ll call Marjan Vajda and ask him to be my coach again. And I was (laughs) in the style of ‘What do you mean?’, And the rest is history. ” – Jelena Djokovic concluded.

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