Novak Djokovic gears up for his upcoming clash at the Indian Wells Masters tournament.

In the next round, the Serbian tennis sensation is set to face off against Italian newcomer Luca Nardi, marking their first-ever encounter on the court.

While Djokovic remains the favored contender, there’s a hint of concern following his recent three-set battle in the opening match.

“I’m aiming for the title, but there’s still a long journey ahead. I know I can deliver better tennis. Being self-critical is crucial as it keeps you mentally focused on striving harder and evolving daily. It’s about refining your game, rectifying mistakes from matches or practice,” Djokovic emphasized, underlining his determination to raise his performance level.

Between matches, the world’s top-ranked player is committed to rigorous training sessions.

“I’ll definitely hit the training courts, aiming to elevate my game over the course of the 10 to 14-day tournament. Having practice sessions between matches allows me to fine-tune specific aspects of my game. As the tournament progresses, I’m confident I’ll improve and grow more assured in my abilities,” Djokovic added optimistically.

Fans can catch Djokovic’s next match on Tuesday at 02:00 CET.

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