"It will be easier for Novak tonight, the evening appointment suits him better"

Alex Corretja, once the second tennis player in the world, commented on the duel that is being played tonight at Roland Garros between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, which is the main topic of the last two days.
The duel is played in the evening, so he gave Novak the advantage.

  • “Night session? Of course, Rafa’s game was not so effective then. First of all because he likes to hit the ball with a lot of spin, when the ball bounces high. Now that the game is played in the evening, the ball will bounce a little lower, and that, I believe, is a little better for Novak’s game “- Corretja began and added:
  • “Of course the conditions are always the same for everyone, but it all depends on your game, this can more or less suit your game. That’s why I think it’s always better for Rafa’s game when it’s sunny. “

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