HEART SAYS TO PLAY, MIND TO REST: Nadal is still in a dilemma, but the titles are worth the pain!

Rafael Nadal has been in the spotlight for the last few weeks, the anthems are numerous: injuries, potential end of his career, a new title at Roland Garros…

Nadal was injured, but despite the great pain, he managed to show once again that he is the king of slag, and as the final match ended – so the stories of injuries were started again…

– My career lasted longer than I hoped and I achieved more success than I ever thought – said Nadal.

The Spaniard reiterated that he does not know when he will finish his career, although the information that he will still play Wimbledon appeared today.

– The future? I don’t know what’s going to happen. It is clear that the moment will come when all this will be over, because this has a deadline. But I would like to continue to do what I love as long as possible. Doubts do not worry me. It is logical that I am the first to have them. I think they help you stay awake and progress. When you have doubts, it means that you are not sure of yourself, so you work harder to find security.

Nadal also spoke about Wimbledon.

– As for London, my heart tells me to play, my mind to rest. This is a topic that cannot be postponed. The fact that I won the title at Roland Garros in pain means that it was worth playing.

The bull from Mallorca has previously explained the conditions under which he played in Paris, and he believes that because of everything, it was even harder to win the 14th title at that Grand Slam.

– My foot went numb from the anesthetic. I think that adds value to the fact that I was able to concentrate on the game and put aside everything I had to do to compete – Nadal concluded.

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