The head coach of the Greek water polo team, Thodoris Vlahos, apologized to the players and fans after his team’s defeat in the final of the World Championship in Fukuoka against Hungary, pointing out that he made the biggest mistake of his life in this final.

Greece was defeated by Hungary after the penalty shoot-out, and after the regular part the score was 10:10, and with 36 seconds left in the match, Vlahos asked for a time-out, which ended his team’s counter attack.

“I made the biggest mistake in my life, which decided the final. We had a “two-on-one” situation to hit the net, and I asked for a time-out… That was the biggest mistake I made, in such an important moment for the national team. I apologize to my players and the whole world”, said Vlahos with tears in his eyes.

After three bronze medals, Greece won its first world silver medal, but the “dolphins” will not remember the game against Hungary fondly.

“We fought so hard, we were so close to the goal… But we will soon have another chance, but this one was golden. If despite everything our fans love us, that’s wonderful. I’m sorry we didn’t make it in the end. We will try to put this behind us”, said the coach of Greece.


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