Success for 2 Gozitan MX riders

Two Gozitan GMA Junior member riders – Matthias Sultana and Diego Panza, 8 and 9 years old, participated in the fourth round of the ACSI MX Regional Championship at the Crossodromo HI FLY in Carlentini Sicily.

On a very muddy track, with super deep ruts, Diego and Matthias had only a couple hours of training prior to the competition.

Matthias Sultana, bike# 27, first ever Junior Gozitan Champion in the Gozo Motocross Championship 2024, participated in the 65cc Open Race Category, featuring 16 participoants in all. He placed 1st in both of two races, with the Best Timings and Winner Overall.

Meanwhile, Diego Panza with bike#222 came in 2nd in his category. In Race 1 he started in second place and ended his 7th lap in second place, recording his bets time at 1:42:726 . In race 2, Panza started in 7th place and finished third overall and 2nd in his category.

The Hi Fly-Crossodromo is a relatively medium long track, 1200m to be precise. It has numerous sharp curves and the track’s main obstacles are the close curves, demanding certain skills and abilities to manouever them, most especially when using these small bikes.

For this race more than 125 riders were present. Competitions started at 9.00am and closed at 8pm with the awards-giving ceremony.

This is a proud moment for Matthias and Diego and their families. These Juniors love Motocross and work very hard towards achieving their successes.

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