Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean games meets in Rabat, Morocco.

The Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games gathered in Rabat, Morocco on April 20 for the first meeting in 2024.

The official opening of the Executive Committee took place in the presence of the Director of the National Education and Sports Ministry, Abderrazak El Akari, who made a reference to the Olympic truce through the sports movement that advocates peace , fair play, and promotes sports culture. He confirmed that the Ministry will support the next projects of the Moroccan Olympic Committee in all sectors and emphasized that Morocco is a founding ICMG member and has a vital role in the Mediterranean family.

The General Director of the Taranto 2026 Organizing Committee Carlo Molfetta informed about the progress of the preparation for the Games, the new headquarters of the Organizing Committee and presented the sports program. The next visit of the Coordination Commission in Taranto will take place before the opening of the Olympic Games.

The ExCo also approved the proposal of the Solidarity, Culture and Education Commission for the programme of the Mediterranean Young Ambassadors.

The ICMG cooperation with ITA in anti-doping matters will continue for the next Mediterranean Games Taranto 2026 and the Mediterranean Beach Games Portimão & Lagoa 2027.

The publication of a book on the Mediterranean Games has been announced by the Communication and Marketing Commission in view of the ICMG 75th anniversary. It will be released in English and French in 2026 before the Taranto Games. 

ICMG and EUROVISION will continue their partnership until the Mediterranean Games Pristina 2030.

It was announced that the ICMG Conference on the future of the Mediterranean Games, according to the decision of the Executive Committee, will be organized in 2025 in Prishtina, following the invitation of the National Olympic Committee of Kosovo.

The new ICMG branding for the Athletes’ Committee was also approved.

ExCo also gave the green light for financial support to the 26 National Olympic Committees according to the number of athletes of each delegation in the MBG Heraklion 2023. The money will be given in the coming weeks to help NOCs in the road to Paris Olympics.

It was decided that the candidature process for organizing the Mediterranean Beach Games 2031 will be opened and the decision will be taken at the General Assembly which will be held in 2025, according to the ICMG Statutes.

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