Malta Combat Sport Association Kickboxers Shine at European Championship

A dedicated team of kickboxers from the Malta Combat Sport Association, under the guidance of instructors Alan Borg, Wayne Camilleri, and Robert Cassar from the Wu Shu Ky Kickboxing Club, united in their quest for victory as they prepared to compete in the European Championship held in San Marino.

Despite facing fierce competition, Team Malta secured podium places, bringing pride and glory to their nation.

Teamwork proved to be crucial in gaining experience at these European championships. Collaborating with their instructors’ team not only enhanced their skills but also fostered a supportive environment essential for achieving success in competitions. The instructors emphasize to their students that working together with teammates allows for effective strategizing, learning from one another, and ultimately reaching their goals.

The success of these athletes not only highlighted their prowess in the sport but also boosted sport tourism, drawing attention to Malta’s athletic achievements. The kickboxers’ remarkable performance has placed Malta on the map as a hub for emerging martial arts talent and underscored the importance of teamwork and dedication in achieving international success.

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