Southern Region Local Council Race

After the enthusiasm generated last year during the first edition of the Southern Region Local Councils’ Race everyone is looking forward to next Sunday’s 2nd edition at the Malta Equidrome. Expectations and interest are high as the twelve participants were revealed which include some new horses that made their local debut during the selections of this competition.

Last year the purpose that this race gives a sense of belonging to spectators hailing from twelve different localities that form part of the Southern Region as they cheer on the horse associated with their town was a success and so when the Malta Equidrome put forward the proposal for a 2nd edition to the President of the Southern Region Local Council Mr Jesmond Aquilina it was quickly accepted. In fact it is thanks to the full cooperation and help of the Southern Region Local Council that the general public will be able to enjoy this racing spectacle by top category horses. Mr Aquilina emphasized the fact that it is the Southern Region’s prerogative to encourage families to attend outdoor sport and cultural activities and not stay cooped up indoors whilst this event gives everyone a sense of participation and extra interest with a horse competing in the name of their locality.

During a press conference at the Malta Equidrome, the twelve local councils were coupled with one of the finalist horses with a draw done by a representative of each local council whilst the Southern Region’s President Jesmond Aquilina drew the starting number of each horse.

Present was the Malta Racing Club’s Vice Chairman Mr Anthony Demanuele, Malta Equidrome’s Executive personnel and the owners of the finalist horses.

A total of €3200 in prize money will be distributed in this race apart from a trophy and a commemorative blanket to the winner. There is also the shield which will be engraved with the name of the winning horse and which is kept by the associated local council for a year.

The owners of the twelve horses will also receive a token of participation from their associated local council.

A good attendance is expected especially by people who are not normal racegoers but who will be anxious to support the horse representing their locality. Last year’s shield winners were Zejtun who had been cheering on Ellington Dream.

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