Government passes water polo pitch land to Marsaskala

Through an agreement that was signed in the presence of the Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima, a water polo and swimming pitch that has an area of ​​six thousand eight hundred and thirty-five meters square meters will pass with a fee from SportMalta to Marsaskala Aquatic Sports Club. The land is located in Dawret il Kunsill ta’ L-Ewropa, Marsaskala.

This was possible after a resolution was passed in Parliament last February. The site is what used to be the national swimming pool before the National Swimming Pool complex was built in Tal-Qroqq.

“This is another step in the Government’s work so that the spaces reserved for sport in the community continue to grow and also continue to create new recreational spaces for children and young people. The property will also be used by the Youth Nursery of this club”, said Minister Grima.

As happened in other lands that pass through SportMalta through the Sports Act (Chapter 455), the fee is reduced by 95% by SportMalta as a subsidy. The fee paid to SportMalta is placed in a fund called Sports Fund which is administered by SportMalta.

Through this agreement, an entire community will benefit from this facility. While the athletes of Marsaskala Aquatic will have a suitable place to train, more life will also be given to this part of the locality.

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