Malta Weightlifting Association holds second ranking competition of the year

Over the weekend, the Malta Weightlifting Association hosted its second ranking competition of the year, drawing an impressive number of athletes and energizing the local weightlifting scene with remarkable performances, particularly from its younger competitors.

Leading the event was Malta’s premier weightlifter, Tenishia Thornton, who despite recovering from a wrist injury, delivered a stellar performance in the 64kg category. Thornton successfully completed all five of her attempts, lifting 75kg, 80kg, and 85kg in the Snatch, followed by 100kg and 105kg in the Clean and Jerk.

The women’s events were further highlighted by Kaya Curmi Inguanez in the U-17 55kg category, who achieved personal bests with a 59kg Snatch and a 73kg Clean and Jerk. Kim Camilleri Lagana matched her Snatch performance with 59kg and excelled in the Clean and Jerk with a lift of 78kg. In the U-17 59kg category, Aaliyah Gatt showcased her prowess by lifting 61kg in the Snatch and 80kg in the Clean and Jerk.

Among the men, NSS student Nathan Mifsud made a notable impact in the 55kg category, lifting 73kg in the Snatch and 85kg in the Clean and Jerk, setting two national records in the U-15 and U-17 categories. Mifsud, alongside Camilleri Lagana, Curmi Inguanez, and Gatt, will represent Malta in the European Youth Championships in Thessaloniki, Greece, from June 15th to 23rd.

The competition also celebrated the achievements of younger athletes. In the U-13 boys category, Gabriel Frendo secured first place with a commendable score of 167 points, while Lucia Mifsud led the U-13 girls with 76 points. Shamir Geriwa topped the U-10 boys category with 52 points, and Mia Sant led the U-10 girls with 67 points.

In the Women’s Group B, Rhenna Briffa impressed with 179 points, followed by Shayelle Azzopardi with 159 points and Mariah Magri with 134 points. Junior top athlete Rylee Borg started strong in the 81kg category with initial attempts of 111kg in the Snatch and 145kg in the Clean and Jerk but was unable to continue due to feeling unwell. Meanwhile, Vlad Baldacchino made a strong return in the 102kg category, lifting 128kg in the Snatch and 155kg in the Clean and Jerk.

This competition highlighted the depth of talent in Malta’s weightlifting community, promising a bright future for the sport on the island.

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