Paola Volleyball Club sign collaboration agreement with Akademia Sant’Anna

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the Maltese volleyball club, Paola Volleyball, and the Italian Serie A2 team of Akademia Sant’Anna, based in Messina, Sicily. This agreement follows weeks of discussions between Dr Kenneth Vella, Paola Volleyball club President, Dr Fabrizio Costantino, President of the Sicilian club and Dr Giuseppe Venuti, Vice President. In recent years, Italy has experienced a major improvement in this sport, which is reflected in the positive results achieved in both male and female international categories.

This collaboration agreement was announced during the general meeting of the Italian club which was held in Messina on Wednesday 31st January. Through this agreement, professional coaches from the Sicilian club will be conducting training sessions for the Paola nursery players. Maltese coaches will also attend sessions in Sicily with the Italian club coaches. The agreement will give the opportunity to Maltese players from both the club nursery and the senior categories to attend training sessions in Italy and participate in tournaments taking place in Messina. A training camp will be held in Malta for the Italian team that plays in the senior category in the Italian league, as well as other Sicilian teams.

“Our club committee is more than satisfied with this agreement. This collaboration will help our club to improve its level, not only technically, but also at administrative level. The collaboration confirms the Paola club strategy to keep strengthening its structures, as well as providing our players, both in the nursery and in the senior level, and our coaches, with new opportunities. I would like to thank Dr Costantino and the board of directors at Akademia Sant’Anna for their trust in our club, as well as our club sponsors, Executive Security Services, Izibet, Dragonara Casino and Brasserie, Maypole, De Paola Pharmacy, HandsOn Systems and Yes2Health Fitness Club. Their support enables me and the committee members of our club to reach new heights,” commented Kenneth Vella.

Dr Fabrizio Costantino thanked the Paola club committee for this collaboration and looks forward to working together. One of the aims of the Sicilian club is to establish itself as one of the leading Italian clubs in Serie A. Presently it has also a strong nursery which includes around 100 girls. The collaborative agreement is expected to improve the level of volleyball in Malta as well as enhance sports tourism between Malta and Italy. “Our club has big ambitions and is aiming at ranking among the top Italian volleyball clubs, as well as increasing its international network. The collaborative agreement was only possible through the support of different Italian Sicilian entities like Saccne Rete, Framon Hotel, Unipegaso Messina, Seap, Tradimalt, IOS – Istituto Odontostomatologico Siciliano, Conad, Gruppo Formula 3, Spremute Simone Gatto and Eds Infrastrutture”,” concluded Dr Costantino.

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