Sharp Shot Academy team get promoted to Third Division

Two teams from the same academy Sharp Shot Academy Xiom and Sharp Shot Academy Playmobil clinched the promotion to the third division when they won their respective matches on the last day of the fourth division table tennis championship.

Sharp Shot Academy Xiom beat Alpha Youths 5-1 while Sharp Shot Academy Playmobil dominated the match against Topspin TT Academy Kanter 6-0.At the same time Sharp Shot Academy Petrolea qualified for the final play-offs after a positive result of 5-1 against Alpha Firebolt.Meanwhile as there were no games from the first and second division, in the third division  leaders HITT Academy Sports Experience remained consistent after a 5-1 victory against direct rivals Alpha Dynatec so that they have now opened a four point advantage on the same opponents.Meanwhile these were all the results of the matches played this week:

Third Division – Promotion Pool

Kindred vs Alpha Sensus 1-5

Alpha Dynatec vs HiTT Academy Sports Experience 1-5

HiTT Academy Knights vs Topspin TT Academy Valletta Pay Munro 2-4

Third Division – Relegation Pool

Alpha Codexx vs HiTT Academy Masters 3-4

Fourth Division – Promotion Pool

Sharp Shot Academy Petrolea vs Alpha Firebolt 5-1

Sharp Shot Academy Flick vs PBC Table Tennis Bluestorm 6-0

Sharp Shot Academy Playmobil vs Topspin TT Academy Kanter 6-0

Sharp Shot Academy XIOM vs Alpha Youths 5-1

Fourth Division – Classification Pool

MITTC Butterfly Mizuno vs HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants 4-2

Alpha Nexxus vs HiTT Academy Faraxa 2-4

Topspin TT Academy Beta vs MITTC Butterfly ZLC 2-4

Standings – Third Division – Promotion Pool

HITT Academy Sports Experience 43, Alpha Dynatec 39, Alpha Sensus 41, Kindred 35, Top Spin TT Academy Pay Munro 29, HITT Academy Knights 25.

Standings – Third Division – Relegation Pool

Alpha Codex, HITT Academy Masters 29, Top Spin TT Academy Skelton 28, HITT Academy 5Q 20, MITTC Tenergy 18, Top Spin TT Academy Omagaed 16.

Standings – Fourth Division – Promotion Pool

Sharp Shot Academy Xiom 21, Sharp Shot Academy Playmobil 19, Sharp Shot Academy Petrolea 17, Alpha Firebolt, Alpha Youths 13, PBC Table Tennis Bluestorm, Sharp Shot Academy Flick 11, Top Spin TT Academy Kanter 7

Standings – Fourth Division – Classification Pool

MITTC Butterfly Mizuno 19, Sharp Shot Academy Omega 15, HITT Academy Midea 13, MITTC Butterfly ZLC 12,HITT Academy Faraxa 11, Sharp Shot Academy Novus , HITT Academy Kyte Consultants, Alpha Nexus 10 , Top Spin Academy Beta 8.

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