Gianluca Chetcuti wins second MSSF Trap Competition

Gianluca Chetcuti won the second MSSF Trap Competition 50+50 of the season which was held at the Malta National Shooting Ranges in Siggiewi.

Joining Chetcuti on the podium were James Galea Jr who finished in second and junior athlete Ryan Bugeja who ended his competition in third place overall.

This event was organized on 50 targets with the top 12 shooters qualifying for the semi-finals and shot at another 50 targets adding the score to the result of their previous 50 targets.

Eventually, after 100 targets, the top 6 shooters qualified for the final and shot at a round of 25 targets from a single shot starting from zero.

The score of the top 12 shooters after 50 targets was:

CARABOTT Nicholas 47/50

CHETCUTI William 47/50

VELLA Christopher 47/50

CHETCUTI Gianluca 46/50

DEGUARA Rennie 46/50

VELLA Stephen 46/50

SCIBERRAS Nico 46/50

MARMARA John 45/50

BUGEJA Ryan45/50

GALEA James Jr 45/50

FARRUGIA Christopher 44/50

CIAPPARA Anglu 44/50

The score of the top 12 shooters after 100 targets was:

DEGUARA Rennie 95/100

CHETCUTI William 95/100

CHETCUTI Gianluca 95/100

GALEA James Jr 94/100

VELLA Christopher 91/100

BUGEJA Ryan 90/100 +4 shoot-off

SCIBERRAS Nico 90/100 +3 shoot-off

CARABOTT Nicholas 90/100 +2 shoot-off

MARMARA John 89/100

VELLA Stephen 89/100

CIAPPARA Anglu 89/100

FARRUGIA Christopher 83/100

The 6 finalists finished with the score of:

CHETCUTI Gianluca 24/25

GALEA James Jr 23/25 +2 shoot-off

BUGEJA Ryan 23/25 +1 shoot-off

DEGUARA Rennie 20/25

CHETCUTI William 20/25

VELLA Christopher 16/25

Class A score after 50 targets

VELLA Christopher 47/50

CHETCUTI William 47/50

DEGUARA Rennie 46/50

Class B score after 50 targets

CARABOTT Nicholas 47/50

MARMARA John 45/50

CASSAR Luke 43/50

Class C score after 50 targets

GRIMA Yana 42/50

MAGRI Jason 42/50

BONNICI Leetov 39/50

The next Trap competition is the Brolli Trophy which will be held on 7 July 2024 at the Southern Shooting Club.

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